Header Integration:

Pure Incremental Revenue

What is

header integration?

Header integration, also referred to as header bidding or header tags, is an advanced programmatic technique that allows web publishers to offer ad inventory to multiple SSP/ad exchanges simultaneously before making the ad call to their server.
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header integration

Why should publishers use it?

  • Increase competition on every single impression.

  • Average revenue lift of +30%

  • Set it and forget it: No management resources required.

The Benefits:

District M's Header Integration

Easy Implementation

• Requires less than 30 minutes per site.
• Be live within 24-48hrs from agreement.
• Can be removed just as easily.

Exposure and Yield

• Pure incremental revenue.
• Multiple exchanges through a single source.
• Access to District M’s unique yield algorithm, BidM.

No Latency

• Tag is 100% asynchronous = Loads and submits winning bid independently of page content load.
You’re in control, adjust timeout rate to your liking.

Minimal resources

• No average CPM to update on line items.
• No passback/default tags to manage.
• No more fill rate or ad serving fee concerns.

Technical Implementation

• 3 lines of javascript into your site’s <head> tag.
• API upload of corresponding orders and line item infrastructure in DFP, or we can adapt to your current setup.


• Reported in the District M UI.
• Full suite of reporting metrics available.
• Login and demo page provided with your header tag.

3 types of integration

to support various publisher setups

TURN KEY SOLUTION: For publishers using DFP Premium or DFP small business, who are not currently using any header tags. In this instance, District M handles all line item infrastructure in the publishers' ad server.

Turn Key Solution

PREBID ADAPTOR: For publishers already using a prebid.js wrapper, looking for more demand through an adaptor.

Prebid.js Adaptor

CUSTOM SOLUTION: For publishers using a third party wrapper, we can provide a custom adaptor. Let us know your particular setup.

Custom Solution

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The BOOST by District M technology enables the aggregation and prioritization of all demand sources in order to generate the highest revenue for every single impression.

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